The Sims 4 – Get To Work

The newest Sims game gets its first expansion pack.

The Sims 4-Get To Work is The Sims 4 first full-blown expansion with its main feature revolves around giving your Sim a job! Now we know that a”Career” can be assigned to each Sim upon creation so if you’re wondering what’s new about this expansion is the feature in which you can actually see or have your Sim do the actual job, not just click on the choices tab and fast forward until the end of the day when your Sim comes out of some building or done mashing up something just so you could upgrade the Career bar.

3 new playable careers, complete with offices will be added in this expansion, namely: Doctor, Detective, and Scientist, so far these careers are the only ones in which a Sim will actually have an office to work in although the possibility of adding new careers or even adding workplace locations to other existing careers is not ruled out. In addition to these new workplace locations and work dynamic, Sims can also setup their own Retail shops and discover aliens.

The Sims 4-Get To Work expansion comes with a hefty price of $39.99, and will be released this coming March 31, 2015.

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