More details for Xenoblade X out, Multiplayer Quests and Box Art released

More details for Monolith and Nintendo’s upcoming open world RPG is out as the Wii U exclusive nears its release date.


Xenoblade Chronicles X, or Xenoblade X, or Xeno Cross, the new addition to the Xeno Series, has just got itself one cool box art which was showcased via Amazon Japan, in addition, the Amazon version of Xenoblade X will have its buyers also get a hand at pass holder showing the mech from the box art.

Additional game details for Xenoblade X also indicate that the game will feature online questing for up to 4 people in one single party, also, Xenoblade X gamers can connect with up to 31 other gamers over the internet where they can trade stuff, or share information giving it a “partial” MMORPG feel.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will be released this coming April 29, 2015 for Wii U, but Japanese Wii U users can already pre-order the game as early as today via the eShop and the Nintendo pre load Service.

Here is the 24-minute video from Nintendo for the newest features in Xenoblade Chronicles X (Japanese language)

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