PlayStation Exclusive Fans Event Aftermath

Written by Chad

February 9, 2015

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For the first time, PlayStation has finally made their presence to their ever loyal fans.

Last February 4 at the Imperium Video Game Lounge, PlayStation Asia hosted a special fans event to selected PlayStation fans. The event focused on providing an exclusive preview to two of the exclusive titles for the PlayStation 4; The Order: 1886 and BloodBorne.

Present at the event was Arata Naito; Regional Director for Marketing and Game Planning of Sony Computer Entertainment introducing the two games with a special greeting video from the heads of From Software and Ready at Dawn and followed by several video trailers. The main highlight of the event was the playable demos, during the presentation, Arata previewed the playable demos with a hands on demonstration by cosplay celebrity Myrtle Sarrosa. Before the start of the event, all attendees were given a stub for the game demo so they can try out the games after the presentation.

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We managed to test out both of the games. The Order: 1886 is a third person shooter developed by Ready at Dawn (same developers behind God of War: Chain of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta) and Santa Monica Studios (the God of War developers). The game is set in the alternative history of London where the old order of knights still exist and are fighting against the Half-Breed, a half human, half animal creature that would have the similarities of a werewolf. The demo featured two levels, the first was in an airship for an infiltration mission, there is no gun fights in the mission, but more on sneak attacks (by utilizing quick time actions) and puzzle solving. Thanks to the sheer power of the PlayStation 4, the visuals were astounding, some didn’t realized that the cutscene was the actual gameplay as there is a prompt of the game controls on the screen. The second mission is in a mansion, where is focused more in combat. The gameplay was easy to pick up as the controls are almost similar to other shooters, it incorporates the shoot and cover system found in the latest generation of shooters, an addition to the game feature is the bullet-time-esque mode where everything will go black and white and time slows down, the cool down is a bit short so this feature can be used more often.

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Next was From Software’s Bloodborne, the same team behind the Demon/Dark Souls franchise, the game promises to have that Dark Souls vibe but with a much faster combat and more focused on assaults. There are four types of weapon sets to choose from the demo; the Cleaver Saw for a balanced character, the Hunter’s Axe for the heavy types, Kirkhammer for the hybrid type and Warped Twinblades for the agile users, each of these has different attack styles based on the player’s taste. Like the Kirkhammer where it can be converted into a one hand sword for quick short ranged attacks or it can be reverted back into a hammer for a slow but devastating attacks. The demo only focused on one mission and that is to eliminate the end level boss. The gameplay has some major changes compared to the Dark Souls games, attacks are much faster and there are quick evasive moves to avoid attacks, each move still consumes stamina so attacking recklessly can be fatal. Just like in Dark Souls, it is recommended that you avoid facing a group of monsters and would be advisable to avoid any combat at all costs. The Risk system allows you to regenerate a small amount of health as you damage any monsters. There are branching points in some areas that could lead to a difficult sub-boss or to a safer route, choosing a path has its advantages and disadvantages such as defeating a sub-boss can lead you to a rare drop item or if executed poorly could lead to defeat.

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Both games will include a limited edition package and a standard edition with pre-order bonuses. The Order: 1886 will have a PlayStation 4 bundle. The release dates for the two games were also mentioned, The Order: 1886 will be available on February 20 and Bloodborne on March 24.

We had a chat with the PlayStation team and they hinted that more events will be coming this year for the Filipino gamers and they are also happy with the reception of the community, so this is a good sign that PlayStation is finally supporting the local community and hopefully more support will be provided by PlayStation.


You can check out the pictures taken from the event below:


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