Meet the official Ghostbusters Board Game

There’s something strange on the internet, as Comic book, cartoons, toylines and Movies fuse together to become a board game.


Say hello to the official Ghostbusters Board Game, a crowdfunded project developed by game developer Cryptozoic. The board game will be featuring characters from the Ghostbusters Movie, Cartoon and Toylines, and will have a comic book-like design.

The crowdfunding campaign is now running via Kickstarter, and will be running until March 11, 2015. The Ghostbusters Board Game is projected to be released by October of this year, however Cryptozoic adds that “unexpected delays can occur during the production and shipping of a game”, to stay through to their Kickstarter pledge holders, Cryptozoic states that “In the highly unlikely event that we are not able to deliver the game for some unforeseeable, calamitous reason, we will refund all pledges.”

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