Join Yugo & friends on an epic adventure in the World of Twelve!


You’ve played the game, now it’s time to experience Wakfu, the animated series!

The adventure begins in Emelka, a small  remote village. Yugo, a 12 year old boy, lives in the village inn run by his adoptive father, Alibert. One day, Yugo discovers he has mysterious powers, an unexpected event that marks the beginning of a new life for him. Alibert tells him that he isn’t his real father and that he must leave on a quest to find his true family. Accompanied by his loyal companions, Yugo begins an epic adventure, during which he and his friends will discover that the fate of the entire World of Twelve rests on their shoulders….

Starting 6 February, Wakfu makes its grand appearance on Toonami in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Guam, and Mongolia. Featuring exquisite animation and expressive character designs, Wakfu is sure to entertain with humor and exciting action.

Tune in every Monday to Friday – 2:00PM, 6:30PM & 10:15PM GMT+8.


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