[Press Release] Mineski celebrates 10 years of passion, e-sports and service

One of the Philippines most popular gaming cafes celebrates their 10th year anniversary.


MANILA, Philippines – After multiple years of undying support in the Philippine gaming industry, Mineski Corporation on February 14, 2015 celebrated their 10th year anniversary. The celebration happened in Mineski Infinity Taft wherein dozens of active and former Mineski personalities were spotted in the said venue.

Mineski Corporation unveiled their historical marker which featured the company’s key achievements for the past 10 years. Due to conflict in schedule, Mineski CEO/Founder Ronald “Rho” Robins wasn’t able to attend the event and was represented by Mineski VP for Marketing and Events, Mr. Marlon “Lon” Marcelo. Lon is also the main game shoutcaster for Mineski.

Some important stuff that was indicated in the historical marker was the start and surge of the Mineski Events Team, and Cybercafe chain that happened from 2009 to 2011. Other milestones indicated was Mineski’s achievements in their gaming team division.

Aside from the unveiling of Mineski’s historical marker, they also featured “The Pledge” coming from both Ronald Robins and Lon Marcelo. They stated that given the massive support of the community for the past few years, Mineski in their 10th year is preparing something that will benefit both the community and the industry as a whole. The pledge also came with a challenge that if the company fails to deliver the pledge within 2015, both Lon and Rho will get their heads shaved.

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