Combiner Wars could be the Best Transformers Toys


And fans will be swarming over at these toys once again.

Hasbro has released a new line of Transformers figures this year, called Combiner Wars, and it will be focusing more on the Transformer Combiners; where five or six robots that can combine into a giant steel titan



aerialbots all

While the Robots in Disguise toyline is mainly targeted for the younger audience for 2015, Combiner Wars isĀ intended for the long-time Generation 1 fans and hardcore Transformers/Robot collectors. The Combiner Wars line up will be composed of Legends Class (3 inch figures), Deluxe Class (around 4 inches) and Voyager Class (around 6 inches). The Voyager class figures will be the main torso while several Deluxe Class figures are for the limbs, the Legends Class becomes the accessory, either as a weapon or chest plate.

optimus prime

This can be the biggest move for Hasbro as there are a ton of third party toy manufacturers that are releasing a line of Combiners for quite some time, which provided a much more detailed and articulated toys but having a heavy price tag.

The first wave of the Combiner Wars was already available last month with the Aerialbots and a Stunticon, there is also the Optimus Prime Voyager Class that does not have its own Combiners team, but can still combine with the rest of the Combiners as it’s one of the main gimmicks where you can mix and match other Combiners to form your own custom giant Transformer. Wave 2 of the toyline will be available this month to complete the roster for Superion (Aerialbots) and Menasor (Stunticons).


Then at the New York Toy Fare 2015, Hasbro announced the Devastator set, which is roughly at around two feet! Compared to the other Combiners, Devastator will be composed of six Voyager Class Transformers; which could go toe-to-toe with their Fall of Cybertron Metroplex (which stands at two feet) that was released in 2013. Hasbro will also be including Defensor (Protectobots) from the next line up and some non-combiners figures like the Voyager Class Ultra Magnus.



constructicons all


We are looking forward for more Combiners to be added on the Combiner Wars line up later this year, as there are also rumors that the Combaticons’ Bruticus is also slated for a release, and hopefully Hasbro would continue to release more Transformers lines based on the original generations and from the IDW comics.

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