Capcom Pro Tour 2015 Schedule Revealed

Written by Chad

February 18, 2015


Capcom’s pro gaming league has revealed their tournament schedules for this year.

Capcom Pro Tour will be having its second season this year and also be expanding to other locations and their finals bracket, which making it to thirty two players. With the first half of the sixteen slots will be from premier events and the other half from ranking events where each of the highest rankings per event will earn a slot.

Each of the top eight finalist in the Premier Events will share a large $15,000 prize pool and for the grand finals, one winner will take home $120,000.

Another interesting part here is that more countries are included in the ranking events, including the Philippines (scheduled on September)

Premier Events

  • Final Round XVIII (Atlanta, GA; March 20-22)
  • NorCal Regionals 2014 (Sacramento, CA; April 3-5)
  • Hypespotting 4 (Scotland; April 4-5)
  • SoCal Regionals 2015 (Orange, CA; May 1-3)
  • Stunfest 2015 (France; May 22-24)
  • South East Asia Majors 2015 (Bangkok, Thailand; June 19-21)
  • Community Effort Orlando 2015 (Orlando, FL; June 26-28)
  • Evo 2015 (Las Vegas, NV; July 17-19)
  • Tokyo Game Show 2015 (Japan; September 17-19)
  • KO Fighting Game Festival (Kuwait; September 24-26)
  • Brazil Game Show 2015 (Brazil; October 8-12)
  • Milan Games Week (Italy; October 23-25)
  • Canada Cup 2015 (Canada; TBD)
  • Japan Premier Event (Japan; TBD)
  • Capcom Pro Tour Asia 2015 Finals (Singapore; November 13-15)
  • DreamHack Winter 2015 (Sweden; November 26-29)

Ranking Events

  • Cannes Winter Clash (France; February 27-March 1)
  • Abuget Cup (Indonesia; March 7)
  • Nine Nations Cup (Japan; March 12-13)
  • Northwest Majors 7 (Seattle, WA; April 24-26)
  • Double Elimination (Korea; April 25)
  • Ze Fighting Game Champion (China; TBD)
  • KVO (Japan; May 3)
  • Texas Showdown (Houston, TX; May 8-10)
  • Combo Breaker (Chicago, IL; May 22-24)
  • FFM (Germany; May 30-31)
  • DreamHack Summer 2015 (Sweden; June 13-16)
  • VS Fighting (UK; August 8-9)
  • FV Cup (Malaysia; August 8-9)
  • Summer Jam 9 (Philadelphia, PA; August 21-23)
  • Taiwan Fighting Game Major (August 22-23)
  • HK Esports Tournament (Hong Kong; August 29-30)
  • Manila Cup (Philippines; September 4-6)
  • The Fall Classic 2015 (Charlotte, NC; September 11-13)
  • First Attack (Puerto Rico; September 11-13)
  • Saigon Cup (Vietnam; September 12)
  • EGX (UK; September 24-27)
  • Gigacon (Norway; October 1-4)
  • Red Fight District (Netherlands; October 3-4)
  • Defend the North (New York City, NY; TBD)
  • China CPTA Qualifier (China; TBD)
  • CPTA Last Chance Qualifier (Singapore; TBD)

More information will be updated on the official website of the Capcom Pro Tour in the coming days

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