Game Artist quits game project as Dev goes silent after raising 114,000 USD on Kickstarter

The Stomping Land’s Kickstarter donators have their pitchforks up as Dev goes suddenly silent.


Vlad Konstantino, in-game model designer of the Kickstarter funded game The Stomping Land stated out that the game’s lead developer and founder Alex Fundora has gone silent and is not responding to his e-mails. Konstantino’s post in the The Stomping Land forums reads “More than a month has passed since the day when I received the last reply from Fundora. I’ve sent him five messages and haven’t got any single reply.”, Konstantino also claims that Fundora still owes him money.

The Stomping Land, a dino-themed survival game has now raised $ 114,000 in funding and published on Steam Early Access. The game’s model artist, Vlad Konstantino has now quit the project after receiving no response from founder Alex Fundora, and Kickstarter backers are demanding for a refund although it is not clear if Kickstarter would be able to meet their refund demands.

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