Nash Makes a Return in Street Fighter V


One of the favorites in Street Fighter makes a comeback.

Charlie Nash, one of the popular characters in the Street Fighter Alpha series, is returning to the upcoming Street Fighter V game. One of Guile’s closest friend, in the game’s story line, Nash was presumably dead after pitting against M. Bison after a helicopter piloted by Bison’s men attacked Nash and he fell to a cliff.

Now featuring a new set of skills, the originator of the Sonic Boom is making a big return to the series, bearing the scars from his dreadful fate in the past.

Another special announcement is that there will be a  large scale online beta program of Street Fighter V for the PS4 and PC. The feedback from the players during the beta test will be an essential data to help improve the balance of the game. Those who pre-ordered the game will be automatically be enrolled to the beta program.


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