Namco Bandai mixes MOBA and RTS in Supernova

Namco Bandai’s attempt at the MOBA genre brings a new twist to the gameplay.

Supernova, an upcoming title by Namco Bandai, developed together with Primal Game Studio, is a multiplayer online battle arena with a twist mixing MOBA features found in League of Legends and RTS thingies from Blizzard’s StarCraft. Following the traditional MOBA setup of choosing a single character that you will be using throughout the game, Supernova’s RTS side comes from the player being able to determine or control minion spawning, do upgrades for minions, and even loot drops for additional player upgrades.

The sci-fi MOBA+RTS game is now on its Alpha Phase and players can now sign up for Alpha accounts at the Official Supernova website.

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