SteamVR’s first VR Game let’s you do jobs, like real world jobs

You have tried being a surgeon, a goat, and even a rock, now get ready for SteamVR’s first virtual reality game that lets you do one of humanity’s most exciting task.

Take part in the exciting task of working as a cook in Owlchemy Labs first Virtual Reality game for the SteamVR,  the Job Simulator. Work as a human being that is being taught by a robot in the year 2050, as you get educated on how to do today’s basic house tasks such as cleaning, cooking, an other jobs.

Owlchemy Labs statement about the game says:
“It’s thrilling to play a part in the upcoming explosion of consumer VR and we’re proud to add another amazing opportunity to the list by being one of only a few select developers building content for some of the most incredible VR hardware in the world,”

Jobs Simulator will be available for testing using Valve’s new virtual reality platform, the SteamVR in Valve’s Booth in the Game Developer’s Conference 2015.

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