Video Tuesdays: Dark and Gritty Power Rangers


Here’s a Power Ranger short that is so dark and gritty, that some fans loved it and made Saban worried about the use of the Power Ranger brand.

POWER/RANGERS is a fan made movie directed by Joseph Kahn and produced by Adi Shankar (the same person behind the Judge Dredd: Superfiend webseries) which featured a darker version of the famous Power Rangers series, adding blood, extreme violence, sex and drugs.

Producer Adi Shankar explained that when highschool kids get weaponized, he came to realize that they will be definitely turned into disturbed adults with a bad case of PTSD, and that’s how he visualized the short film.

Many watch the short film, some liked how it was created, while some felt it went overboard, and these include Saban who didn’t like the idea had the video taken down both in Vimeo and in Youtube. But thanks to the tremendous feedback from the internet community, the short film went back online.

If you want to see the NSFW version, you can go to the Vimeo link to watch it, you can also check out the behind the scenes on how POWER/RANGERS was created

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