Get ready to Jam as Rockband makes a comeback

Dust off your old Rockband guitar and drum kit young gun, we’ll be rocking on PS4 and Xbox One.


After quite a while, the button mashing, fist pumping, high pitchin’ musical game Rock Band makes a return, and it will be released on next-gen consoles, Xbox One and PS4. Harmonix, the developer behind Rockband, confirmed the news of Rockband 4 and also said that it will be out this coming Summer of 2015. The game is planned to be backwards compatible with the good ol’ Rockband controllers from the mid-late 2000’s but new controllers will also be available to customers upon release.

Instead of being under EA, Harmonix has partnered with Mad Catz for the game’s distribution. DLCs from the previous Rockband games will also hopefully be carried over Rockband 4 depending on the cooperation of platform holders.As for the game preview, Harmonix says that they won’t be revealing anything yet but hope to show exciting things once the countdown to E3 starts.

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