Yoshida: “We’ve heard people and their desire for mod support and we acknowledge that.”

FF XIV’s director and producer reveals plans of adding player-made-mod support for the game.


It’s on the works and will hopefully be coming soon, states Naoki Yoshida during an interview with GameSpot during GDC. Yoshida says that they acknowledge the fans desire for mods in the online FF title, and will be planning towards its implementation. As of the moment, a team of devs is now working ways for mod support to be added on the game’s PC version.

In addition, another plan for crossover content between FFXIV and FFXV is also in the works as Yoshida also states that he’s been in talks with FFXV’s director Hajime Tabata. The first expansion pack for FFXIV, called as Heavensward will be out this coming June 23, 2015 and a second expansion is also now in development. Yoshida has said that they plan to continue working on FFXIV for the next 10 years for it to be in par with other long running MMORPG titles like World of WarCraft and Everquest.

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