Gundam Breaker 2 Review: The Joy of Building and Repetitive Battling

Written by Chad

March 13, 2015

gundam breaker 2 review

Gundam plastic model kits (or popularly known as Gunpla) has become one of the selling points for Bandai, now they decided to take it to the level by releasing the Gundam Breaker video game for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. With the release of the sequel; Gundam Breaker 2, will this game be a must-have import game for mecha and Gundam fans?

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For those new to the Gundam Breaker game, it is more of a combination of the mech building features in the Armored Core franchise and the mission-based hack-and-slash action of the Dynasty Warriors series. Gundam Breaker 2 now offers more content than its predecessor, each mission will have different objectives ranging from the standard defeat-all-enemies to defending key structures from waves of enemy mobile suits and to the massive boss battles. What’s interesting with the boss battles is that there are certain parts that you need to target in order to daze these behemoths which gives you an opening to deal massive damage, and these battles can be from different mobile armors that are known in the Gundam franchise from the likes of the Dendrobium, the Devil Gundam, the Adrastea and many more. Aside from the story missions, there are also challenge missions that pits you against several mobile suits in a special stage either inside the famous Gundam Café or a hobby shop, the challenge are more difficult from the standard missions, but after successfully completing the challenges, better rewards can be claimed depending on how well you accomplished them. Enemy AI is more on swarming you and your team and that’s it, not much tactical behaviors that the AIs can do, as for friendly AIs, there are times that they can be reliable whenever your mobile suit gets shot down and a nearby AI partner will rush to your aid to revive you.

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The visuals are not that breathtaking, but it still managed to provide good detail on the mobile suit models. Animation is okay for a standard action game but there certain moments where the animations are not fluid in fast paced movements. Framerate is smooth, running at around 60 FPS on the PS3 version, but there are some slowdowns on the Vita version during intense battles, but still playable. Gundam Breaker 2 featured original tracks which has its fair share of metal and rock tracks and some select scores from other Gundam series such as Gundam 00, Seed, Unicorn, etc.

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