Criminal Girls: Invite Only Review: Playing for Guilty Pleasures

Written by Allen

March 20, 2015

criminal girls

You know how sometimes when one in a pair sibling tries to mimic the other with disastrous results? How one becomes the favourite while the other gets relegated to comic relief?

Such is the case between Nippon Ichi Soft (NIS) and its American counterpart Nippon Ichi Soft America (NISA).

“Criminal Girls: Invite Only” a jRPG originally for the PSP has been given another chance on the stage with its release on the PSVita. So if you’re going to play you’ll have to be a bit more forgiving when you see the dated graphics on an updated platform. Some jRPG’s are easily associated with baiting adolescent (or, fully grown) boys with imaginary girls. While some companies would practice silently and steer away completely, NIS has no qualms about embracing this assumption about the genre. Unfortunately their bravery helps very little in making this game any more comfortable to play in public.


It starts with making you take on the role of the completely clueless protagonist. Soon after, You are introduced to several girls, which you must guide out of ‘pseudo hell.’ These girls were supposedly going to face an eternity of damnation. But for some reason, are now candidates for a reformation program that gets them back to life. This takes them  to hell’s version of a juvenile hall. Get them to the top of the tower, and everyone is happy. After some tutorials and a bit more exposition, you’re off to your dungeon crawl.



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