Final Fantasy XI to end service for PlayStation 2 Xbox 360 next year


After 13 years of operation, Final Fantasy XI will be halting their service for the two console platforms.

This was announced at a media briefing for the said game. A lot of plans were prepared for Final Fantasy XI as it reaches its final chapter. The final chapter which was dubbed as the ‘ultimate’ scenario will arrive as a three-part major content update that will arrive this year from May, August and November.


Despite being the final chapter, Square Enix will still continue its online service for the game, with the exception for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 version ending its service on March of 2016, the Windows version will still continue its service.


Another announcement was the launching of the smartphone version of Final Fantasy XI. The said app will feature an easier and enhanced Battle System optimized for smartphones, it is also noted that the mobile version will play similar to the original game. No further details were mentioned if it will have the same content with the original or if it can allow crossplay with other platforms. The mobile version will be a partnership project between Square Enix and Nexon.


Also announced was the spin-off for Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy Grandmasters, developed by Crooz, it will feature jobs, characters and other content from Final Fantasy XI’s world of Vana’diel. Grandmasters will be a mobile online game where you can party and chat with your friends. Grandmasters will be available for both the iOS and Android smartphones and will be  a free-to-play game, closed beta tests will start in Japan by next month.

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