More Characters for Tekken 7 Revelaed


And introducing a new character hailed from the Philippines

In the aftermath of the massive image leaks, Bandai Namco decided to formally announce the characters to be included in the  Tekken 7 character roster. At a recent Nico Nico live stream, Tekken project lead Katsuhiro Harada unveiled Jin Kazama, Devil Jin and new character Josie Rizal.

Jin Kazama will become playable to all Tekken 7 arcades on March 31 while Devil Jin will soon follow on April 7, you can check them out in action on the video below (videos courtesy of

New character Josie Rizal is a kickboxer from the Philippines, the character design was handled by Mari Shimazaki from Platinum Games; who also designed the characters for Bayonetta. This is Bandai Namco’s attempt to introduce new characters from other countries not commonly featured in fighting games, the first was Shaheen from Saudi Arabia. Expect Josie to be available around the first week of May, you can see more of her in action at the video below:

Tekken 7 is now available in the arcades, no details yet for the console release


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