New Fire Emblem Game will have Two Versions

Written by Chad

April 2, 2015


Along with a DLC story campaign, giving you three story campaigns to play.

The new Fire Emblem (Fire Emblem If in Japan) will feature two versions; the Black Kingdom and White Kingdom where it will focus on the two warring factions; Hoshido (White) and Nohr (Black), each version will offer a different storyline though you will still encounter the same characters in both factions.

Purchasing one version will allow you to download the other version as a DLC at a discounted rate, and there’s also a third story campaign, which will also be available as a DLC in the future, though a limited edition package will include all three campaigns along with some included goodies like an artbook and soundtrack.

The new Fire Emblem game will get its Western release in 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS


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