Mecha Fridays: Lego Jaegers

mecha friday

For this episode of Mecha Fridays, one mecha lover made a couple of custom Pacific Rim Lego figures.

JAN LEGO loves both robots and Legos, so it’s not a surprise if he decided to build a lot of robots with Lego bricks, but what makes it amazing is how detailed and articulated his creations are.

One of the most notable custom creations he made was Gipsy Danger from Pacific Rim, it took him 4 months to complete. Standing at almost 27 inches and weighs around 3.5 kg, this massive behemoth is fully articulated and had a ton of accessories to recreation some of the scenes from the movie.

Aside from Gipsy Danger, JAN also created his own custom Jaeger, dubbed as Bull Fighter Azzaro, it featured two buzz-saw accessories as its choice of weaponry, he even created a backstory about Bull Fighter Azzuro, you can find out more from his blogsite

He still have two more Jaeger under construction (for Cherno Alpha and Stiker Eureka), so we’re looking forward on seeing the finished products.

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