Moe Chronicle gets Localized, Release Date Confirmed


And it will be available for the PlayStation Vita on May 5.

Yep, that’s right, Idea Factory’s Moe Chronicle will be getting an English (or Traditional Chinese) release on May 5 for the PlayStation Vita for PhP 1,999.

“Moe Chronicle” is the first title which Idea Factory decided to localize in Asian language. Idea Factory is focusing on “Moe”, a particular kind of “cute and adorable” style of girls in typical Japanese culture. Idea Factory in cooperation with SCE plan to let Asian “Moe” fans easily enjoy “Moe Chronicle” and extend this popular culture of Japan to Asia.

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Story: A world where human and the Monster Girls coexists. Ion and his Monster Girl childhood friend Lilia set out for an adventure to find out the cause behind why the Monster Girls start to see human as enemies. This is a completely new 3D dungeon RPG powered up by the Heart Beat Scratch of the GENKAITOKKI series! Rub and pick the Monster Girls to become friends with them!!”

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And for those who purchased early for the game, they will be also be getting the ★ALWAYS TOGETHER♥BATH poster set, the 5 poster set was previously only available for the Japanese version, now Asian gamers can get a chance to own this premium gift. Though they may be only available for a limited amount, you can get your own through the authorized PlayStation dealers.

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