How NOT to Become a Douchebag in Conventions

Written by Chad

April 20, 2015

douchebag conventions

Every month, you see a couple of expos or conventions popping an alert status on your scheduled date in your calendar, yep conventions these days are sprouting out like mushrooms, it could be about video games, comics, manga, anime, cosplays or even bronies (yes everybody loves ponies). Let’s admit it, we all love going to these events with different reasons and yet then there are some things that we all hate, like the douchebags inside (and especially outside) the events. Yes they are annoying and are trouble. So how can you avoid to not become one of them? You can check out our guidelines to at least lessen the douchebags in our society.


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Don’t make a mess

Cleanliness is next to godliness as some might say and this also applies to conventions. But if you’re someone who doesn’t care and just throw their mess anywhere should be ashamed of themselves. Trash cans are placed in stretegic areas of the convention area, restrooms, foodcourt areas and even outside the venue so you don’t have a reason to throw your trash anywhere you want or if you’re still too lazy to find a trash can ask the nearby guards or janitors to help you out. Otherwise you’re just making the event and the venue more unpleasant for other con-goers and it shows how undisciplined you are, so hurray for you then,


Don’t be a giant roadblock

It’s already a pain in the buttocks to roam around the convention with a jam-packed crowd, how worse can it be if there are some that are blocking the already congested pathway? If you’re a cosplayer, photographer or just an average con-goer, you don’t need to block a larger portion of the hallway just to hold your group meet ups and photo shoots (especially those photographers who even have the guts putting up their ‘mini studio’ right in the middle of the walkway). You’re adding a massive  obstacle in the walkway and you’re making these people lose their patience. Do it in designated places, go to vacant areas or better; inside the event area. Aside from not giving massive headaches to other people, it’ll also give you more space and time to chit-chat with your buddies and get more creative shots for your shoots.


Don’t be a rule breaker

Being a rebel would only look cool in movies and television, but in real life; it’s either you’re a criminal or a jerk. So be sure to read and follow the event rules & policies being implemented. There are reasons why policies are being imposed; to keep things in order and making sure everyone is having a great time inside (and outside) the event. So showing how uncooperative you are will just bring you more trouble and could give you things; either you get a black eye or get booted out of the event itself.


Shaming guards because they are doing their job doesn't make you a better person

Shaming guards because they are doing their job doesn’t make you a better person

Don’t treat the event staff (and security) badly

The event organizers, staff and security are always on the move and handle a lot of things for the whole duration of the event and they are exhausted, stressed out and would commit some mistakes. After all they are humans. So don’t give them a hard time by not cooperating with them and badmouthing/ridiculing them, you’re causing too much trouble and doing so could affect the entire event operation. This also applies even after the events, bashing against them on social media sites will not fix anything. If they did something wrong against you, do it in a civil manner; talk to them or to the event organizer politely. What point does it make if you insulted or made fun out of them just because you didn’t like how they implemented stuff or the event wasn’t satisfying to your taste? It only shows how real immature you are which makes you a total douche. So be a man (or a woman) and do the right thing.


Don’t make unnecessary and obscene noises

Yes we get that you want to express yourselves to grab attention, but there is always a limit. Shouting explicit words like f*ck, boobs, vaginas or some racist remarks in public peoples is really uncool. Not only you’re annoying people, you offend some sensitive individuals and cause a ruckus or a fight just because you wanted to get noticed, well too bad sempai is not amused. If you’re just laughing out loud or cheering on something, that’s okay, but shouting some obscene words is a big NO. You’re not a kid anymore to be reminded on what’s right and what’s not.

Be mindful with your fellow photographers

Be mindful with your fellow photographers

Don’t be a greedy photographer

I’m pretty sure a lot of photographers find this a common sight; you can’t take a good photo of a cosplayer because there’s another photographer who is still busy taking their photos for more than five minutes and they don’t want to be disturbed by other photographers. This can be annoying for some photographers and to some con-goers especially if greedy photographers are blocking the pathway along with his/her ‘mini photo studio’. Sharing is key, be mindful with other photographers around you, if you’re having a hard time getting the best shot of your subject, let the other photographer take their turn while you figure out on your creative shots, and who knows, you might get some cool ideas from other photographers while they shoot. But if you’re still being greedy, we would rather advise you greedy photographers that better book a studio and have your shoot there instead.


Don’t whine too much

Nothing’s wrong if you want to voice out your concerns on a poorly-organized event that you attended, but if you DID NOT attend that event and still whine about it, there’s clearly something wrong with you dood. It only shows that you’re just bashing (or bandwagoning) and not criticizing that event. But if you DID attend the event and didn’t enjoy it because of some factors, it would be best if you point out those factors in a civil manner; just share the experience you had and suggest to the organizers what could have made it better at the event organizer’s fan page or send them a message directly, majority of these event organizers are happy to read and respond to your feedbacks and can a learn a two from it as well. Whining at your Facebook profile wont achieve anything.


Don’t be a cheapskate

If you want a really epic event with a cheap ticket price (let’s say Php 50 or $1) or a free entrance pass, don’t expect too much for that to happen. Organizers need to have a large budget to give you the best pop culture convention you’ve always dreamed of; from the large stage set-ups, to the large venue halls and even getting your favorite international cosplayers, game developers, cyber athletes and other personalities. And if you really want to go to that expensive convention, instead of just complaining in front of your computer and posting rants on social media, why not get yourself prepared and save some money?


Why with so many don’ts?

No matter where you go and whatever you do, rules are needed to observe and follow; these are meant to keep things in order to ensure all everyone is having a great time, this still applies when going to conventions. Admit it; each of us at least did one from the list above in the past, so let’s give ourselves a clean perspective on things. And always remember, you can still have fun while following the rules.

So what’s the most douchebag act you’ve seen in geek conventions? Share us those crazy stories by leaving a comment below

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  1. Chadog

    This article glorifies the ignorance of the community. good job!

    Another reason for the public to stray away. 🙂


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