Mecha Fridays: A Closer Look at the Transformers Combiner Wars Toys

mecha friday

For this episode of Mecha Fridays, we’ll show you why the Transformers’ latest toy line will make you buy a whole set.

The Combiner Wars is one of Hasbro’s latest line-up for their hit Transformers toy line, which is also in collaboration with IDW publishing where they released a Combiner Wars Transformers comic book mini series.

As of now, there are three waves that were released for the current toy line-up which include three combiners: Aerialbots’ Superion, Stunticons’ Menasor and Protectobots’ Defensor. Take not that these giant robots are composed of five robot figures and a sixth figure that acts as an optional accessory.

You can check out the video reviews from some popular Youtube toy reviewers to find out more on these toys as well as some comparisons from older gen Transformer toys, don’t forget to subscribe to their respective channels if you want to be updated on the current toy releases.

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