Final Fantasy IV: The After Years goes to Steam

One of the few Mobile FF games heads on to PC this May.

Dubbed as a full, enhanced, 3D remake, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, sequel to the original game, Final Fantasy IV, finally heads on to Steam next month. Final Fantasy IV:After the Years was originally released on iOS and Android devices back in 2008, and got its first port to Wii in 2009, which was then followed by a port to the Play Station Portable.

FFIV: ATY has its story centered 17 years after the events of FFIV, and first featured a 3-episode main storyline together with 7 optional scenarios, and a 3-part final episode. The game will feature all the common characteristics of previous Final Fantasy titles such as random monster encounters and Active Time Battle systems, you can now pre-order the game on Steam, and will have its full release this coming May 12, 2015.

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