Marvel announces partnership with Telltale for video game project.

And we seriously hope it’s a 60’s Spiderman narrative game.

Marvel and Telltale presents the Amazing Spiderman
Marvel and Telltale presents the Amazing Spiderman

It might not actually be 60s Spidey but Marvel has announced their teamup with Telltale games, developers of the popular graphic adventure title The Walking Dead, for a new video game project, which we believe would follow the same genre incorporated in Tell Tale’s gaming titles. The game, which details are yet to be revealed, is set to come out by 2017 and is describe by Marvel themselves to be “eye-popping”, “exquisite” and “sexy”.

Although there’s not enough details just yet as to which Marvel property will be used for the game, fans are speculating that the storyline might just focus on the Infinity Wars saga, knowing that the Infinity Wars movie storyline will also be out for 2017 but knowing how Telltale does things, we might be seeing a modified or separate story for the upcoming game.

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