First Impression: HyperX Fury Mousepad

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Kingston is expanding its line of products, focusing more than just memory and storage solutions, but also peripherals for your gaming essentials, and one of them is the mousepad.

Mousepads maybe are just some piece of cloth or rubber for some that helps you maneuver your mouse at ease, but for some dedicated gamers, it’s a make or break situation.

We tried out the HyperX Fury mousepad for our initial impressions

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The HyperX Fury offered four different sizes:

  • S: 240mm x 290mm | 116 grams
  • M: 300mm x 360mm | 188 grams
  • L: 420mm x 500mm | 426 grams
  • XL: 420mm x 900mm | 790 grams

*Product featured in this article is the L size

These four sizes will suit any gamer with different playing styles and desk space. The XL provides a wider length that lets you place your keyboards on it and still have enough space for you to glide your mouse.

There’s not much fancy design on the HyperX Fury, just the HyperX logo on the lower right corner and that’s it, though this can be prone to dust and dirt so regular cleaning is a must if you want to have a presentable look for your mousepad.

With a thickness of 3-4mm, the HyperX Fury is sure one heavy mat, with almost a kilogram for the XL size and almost half a kilo for the L size. The cross-weave rubber padding at the bottom ensures stability on your mousepad and it provides a firm grip even during intense matches during your game time.

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The fabric pad on top provides smooth gliding on your mouse as well as added comfort on your wrist when playing for prolonged hours thanks to the thicker padding. Since the HyperX Fury is made out of rubber, it’s more durable and tear resistant compared to a conventional mousepad, so you can roll it and bring it out if you have LAN parties to attend or tournaments to compete.

So if you are looking for a great gaming mousepad to replace your old, worn-out ones, yet you prefer a plain and simple look for your gaming mouse’s playmat, then the HyperX Fury will not fail you.

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