Guardian Stone Mobile Game Pre-registration

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May 12, 2015


Guardian Stone is back and better than ever! Sign up for the soft-launch pre-registration event and spread the word.

TOAST, a leading mobile game developer and publisher, announced that the pre-registration event is now live in specific countries. If you live in these countries, you can sign up for exclusive rewards available to early adopters. Mobile adventure gamers in Singapore, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines head over and sign up for this new mobile RPG!

  • Team up with dozens of incredible Guardians, all with unique skills and attributes, to defeat classic fantasy monsters.
  • Explore a vast 3D fantasy world and discover the lost Guardian warriors, mages, and spirits locked inside the mysterious Guardian Stones.

Head on to this link for more info

Guardian Stone, developed by Delusion Studios and soon to be published by TOAST, is an adventure RPG mobile game and gone through several exciting iterations! After a successful Closed Beta in the US, we’ve made dozens of small to large scale changes to appeal to our fans. If you’ve played Guardian Stone before, you’ll have to see all of the exciting changes we’ve made to our system:

  • Improved Evolution and Fusion System – now players can evolve their main Guardians without pressure to evolve every Guardian.
  • Choose your Guardians and choose your playstyle!
  • Guardian Fellowship – Improve your resource and essence gathering system by putting your bench Guardians to work protecting the world while your Main team is out adventuring!
  • More Guardian Powers – No Guardian is alike, and we’ve ensured that by providing more Guardians and more powers as they evolve and level up!
  • Intense Challenge Pyramid – High up in the clouds, there are three titanic brothers waiting for Heroes to battle. Pit your greatest team against them for tremendous rewards!

Guardian Stone, a 2014 Unity nominee for Best 3D Visual Experience, takes you on an amazing journey through dense demon-filled forests, across vast glacial mountains, and around the heart of a dying volcano. Control one of three unique Heroes (the Warrior, the Ranger, or the Mage) as you fight to uncover the mystery surrounding the elusive Guardian Stones.

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