Vote for Tree of Savior on Steam Greenlight!

IMC Games’ most awaited MMORPG is making its way to Steam!


Help TOS be available on Steam! IMC Games much awaited MMORPG title makes its way on to Steam Greenlight and is waiting for you to click on the “Yes” button. Its campaign on Steam Greenlight would hopefully mean that IMC Games is nearing the international launch of Tree of Savior through one of the gaming world’s most used digital distribution software, although nothing is confirmed just yet.

Tree of Savior is a new MMORPG slated for release this year, with CBTs already running in South Korea and China, the game was first revealed by IMC Games during G-Star 2014, and features a fairy tale like design, with 80 character classes, diverse job advancements and in-game Adventure Achievements.

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