Battefield: Hardline DLC details released

Wild car chases, and all around mayhem proved to be not enough as the Visceral calls this first expansion Criminal Activity.



Battlefield:Hardline gets more Cop-vs-Crook action as the game’s first DLC is set for release in the coming months. Dubbed as Criminal ActivityBattlefield throws the question “Will you help the Police?” as, if you do, you’ll face off against “crews of well-trained, aggressive criminals” that “terrorize citizenry” and causing a huge rise in damage to public property and insurance claims. New guns, new rides, new stuff and a new game mode will be added on Battlefield: Hardline – Criminal Activity and is listed as follows:

  • Four fast-paced new maps – Backwoods, Code Blue, The Beat and Black Friday
  • Two new rides
  • Two new ammunition types for specific weapons
  • A new gadget
  • Three new weapons
  • A nailgun battlepickup
  • New Bounty Hunter game mode
  • Six new masks:  two animal masks, and four new police headgear options

There’s no actual release date yet, but Battlefield: Hardline – Criminal Activity will be on early access this coming June 2015. 

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