5 Things I missed on this year’s Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly

Written by Louis

May 25, 2015

PGF SA 2015 (81 of 88)

The popular Pinoy gaming convention is back on its feet, and it’s too sad that you and I missed it (again).

May 24 and 25 of 2015 saw the return of the locally popular Pinoy Gaming Festival, the computer gaming convention that had its roots back in 2011, initially revolving around computer game tournaments and then branching out into related industries and technologies. PGF was then held bi-annually with 2 different installments, the Summer Assembly held around the months of April and May and the general convention the latter quarters of the year. PGF was regarded as a benchmark in pinoy gaming conventions, and had its abrupt goodbye in 2013, 2014 saw an attempt to “revive” PGF but things went south, but rest is history as the Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly made a comeback this 2015, bringing in the familiar sights and sounds that made it a standard in Philippine game cons. While I was able to attend PGF:SA during its first day I merely had a glimpse of the big picture, missing out on the good stuff, if you planned to attend PGF or haven’t attended PGF at all, here’s some of good stuff that you and I just missed on  this year’s PGF: Summer Assembly.

PGF SA 2015 (42 of 88)

Not the ladies, the stuff behind them 😛

5. The freebies!

Let’s admit it, deep down, getting free stuff is one of the reasons why the most of us attend conventions, and while it may not be as extravagant as how other con-organizers can get when it comes to giving out free stuff, there’s always a bit of added “swag” from PGF memorabillia, and it’s not just the wearable stuff that we’re talking about here, as other cool “free” stuff like a photo from your favorite local gaming personality, and the new people that you meet and connect with.

PGF SA 2015 (72 of 88)


4. The showcase of local gaming talent

The Pinoy Gaming Festival has always been one of the “must-see” local events for those who love to watch competitive games at a higher level. Previously acting as a host to worldwide qualifier tournaments, PGF had competitive gaming as its centerpiece for the lenght of its existence and is one of the proving grounds for local gaming talents. Both the veterans and the rising rookies from different gaming genres had its share of the spotlight in PGF, as well as the cheering horde of afficionados.

PGF SA 2015 (80 of 88)

3. Cool stuff on display

With computer gaming on the spotlight, one can always expect to see awesome stuff on display ranging from the latest in PC components to the coolest custom setups, it’s not everyday that we see monstrous assemblies, with the latest technological trends. Aside from the just glaring and drooling over what’s shown inside the windowed displays, attendees also get the chance to actually try out the hardware and the software, which is amazingly cool expecially if you’re all about what’s latest or just plainly wanna try something new.

PGF SA 2015 (23 of 88)

2. Lolo Cris

This might sound totally new, but if in case you haven’t been reading MOBA related news, “Lolo Cris” or Mr. Tony Matulac is regarded as the oldest Dota 2 player, ganking heroes and taking down towers at the age of 66. Lolo Cris made the news back in April 2015, when a local TV made a feature of him and his interest that is totally unorthodox to his age. What’s best if that Lolo Cris flew all the way from Iloilo to make his appearance at the Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly 2015 and even gave the fans a chance to duke it out with him 1-on-1.

PGF SA 2015 (66 of 88)

1. The overall experience of attending the Philippines most talked about gaming convention.

PGF had its run for about 5 years now, and the reception has always been greatly positive from the attendees and the best way to know why is to actually attending PGF. The crowd can get messy, and stuff may happen in the background, but just being there meeting people that you look up to, enjoying the activities on the stage, being lucky enough to take home cool stuff, and cheering on your favorite games with your fellow gamers is just what makes this weekend event, one of its kind.


photo courtesy of Joebert Yu

Bonus: A rare sight of event cross promotion

One thing that made this year’s PGF step up is its recognition and promotion of other known local conventions like the upcoming Toycon 2015 (June 19-21) and the Animax Carnival (May 30-31). Most cons share nearly the same crowd and is tend to be treated as competing bodies by their supporters so it’s a beautifully rare site for an event to promote other events that may or may not be affiliated with any member of the organizing body. It’s an unusual sight but definitely deserves a two-thumbs up.

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