Artifact Adventure now on Steam

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Artifact Adventure is a retro-styled Japanese RPG like no other. Mixing the aesthetic of classic JRPGs and the open-ended adventure of modern open world RPGs, Artifact Adventure lets you explore the way you want to.



Classic Style, Unlimited Adventure:

Form a team and venture into the great beyond!

Collect powerful Artifacts, each with a unique ability, and grow in power before you face the greatest of all villains: the insidious Slime King.

Explore the world and take on quests that lie before you. Finish quests you encounter in any way you choose. Will you save the villagers being sacrificed to a malicious fire god, or will you side with the fire god itself in exchange for incredible power? The choice is yours! But remember: every choice has a price

Artifact Adventure is available NOW on Playism and Steam on SALE for just $6.29 (sale ends

June 8th).

Check out the official store page here:

Check out the Steam page here:

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