Crusaders Quest unveils more Legendary Heroes with Latest Update

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June 6, 2015

Image_New Legendary Heroes

Explore the ancient dungeon to collect one of four Legendary Heroes in The Void and the Path of Rage scenarios.

Crusaders Quest is proud to introduce the indomitable Rochefort, the lithe hunter Teresa, champion of the people Roland, and the sorcerer Cano. If you don’t win the Legendary Heroes, don’t worry! You’ll have the chance to collect Heart Points instead. Once you collect enough Heart Points, you can trade them in to get 1 Legendary Hero from the available dungeon.

This update also has several game improvements that allow Hasla’s soldiers to become truly heroic. With 70 new quests, players won’t need to grind through boss battles for Honor and Gold. Save up your bread and gold with reduced costs for training! And take what you’ve learned from scarfing down strawberry pies at the Training Ground. Found within the ancient halls of Tower Manacar, the Training Ground is the perfect place to pit your newly acquired beefed up Legendary Heroes against massive monsters for powerful loot!


Key Features of the Update

  • Tower of Manacar – New Dungeon includes two paths: The Void and the Path of Rage.
  • New Legendary Heroes – Hire the new Crusader Champions: Rochefort (Warrior), Teresa (Hunter), Roland (Paladin), and Cano (Wizard)
  • Heart Points – If you don’t win a Legendary Hero on your mission through the dungeon, collect Heart Points to turn them instantly into your desired Hero.
  • New Quests – No need to get bored when saving the world. Play new quest lines!
  • Cheaper Bread/Cheaper Gold – When training a Hero, if your bread level is low, the cost will be lowered.
  • Training Grounds – Monsters in Ancient Dungeon don’t take damage below a certain amount! So make sure to punch them in the face with a high burst of damage!
  • Sharing System – Share your progress through Twitter and refer your friends to the game.


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