Android gets more FF with Final Fantasy Tactics

Square Enix gets more mobile as FF Tactics: The War of the Lions enters the global Android market.


It’s out for the rest of the globe (finally) as Square Enix does a global release for Final Fantasy: The War of the Lions. A release that took 2 years in the making, FF Tactics: The War of the Lions is the port and sequel of the PS1 game Final Fantasy Tactics and deviates from the traditional turn-based combat of most FF titles by removing the Active Time Battle system.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions also features point-to-point map travel, automated side-missions and even permadeath, originally released for the PlayStation portable, the title was then ported to iOS back in 2011, with the first Japanese version Android port to come out in 2013. It is now available on the global android market for $13.99 (~Php 500.00).

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