Munch into Victory with Warriors of Nom Nom

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June 10, 2015


From the makers of Streetfood Tycon comes a new food game that is sure to satisfy your appetite for mobile fun – Warriors of Nom Nom is a real-time online multiplayer food tapping game where you will be thrown into a vibrant food-eating battleground. Duke it out in an eating competition by tapping to consume your food faster than your opponent, and eat your way to victory.

Each of the six characters in the game has its own advantages, keeping each battle fresh. The wide array of character skills makes each competition mysterious, as you never know which skills your opponent will bring to the table. Select powerups at the beginning of each match, customizing your bag of tricks for each competition.

To increase your chances at victory, strategically choose your character and powerups to counter what you think your opponent might pick. To gain further advantage, you can also stack the deck in your favor by earning or buying tokens, which allow you get booster packs of collectable cards that can either enhance your character’s stats or affect your opponent’s.

The animated, colorful, cartoonish art style and mystical, percussive music collide to provide dynamic competition and a mouthwatering battle sure to make you hungry for more.


Erick Garayblas, the founder of Kuyi Mobile, is passionate about developing for the small screen and creating games that both involve strategy and vivacious fun. Having worked on successful clicker-style games previously, he wanted to introduce the online multiplayer aspect to his games, allowing players to engage and interact with their friends around the globe.

For the creation of Warriors of Nom Nom, Garayblas set out to make a game where you could go head-to-head with your friends in fierce and fun competition, with the combined strategy of powerups, character choices, and tapping style. Go to battle at the dinner table and fight for the ultimate victory in Warriors of Nom Nom!

Erick Garayblas and Kuyi Mobile are also known for their other successful mobile games like Streetfood Tycoon and Barber Hero.

Kuyi Mobile is based in the Philippines and proud to be Pinoys leading the charge in mobile games development for the country.


Six different characters to choose from, each offering a different play style

  • Includes 36 collectible powerup cards
  • 12 different dishes to devour
  • Multiplayer matchmaking and ladder ranking
  • Guaranteed fun for the entire family!
  • Available for iOS and Android

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