Sony Press Conference: The Games made the Hype


Once again Sony made another impressive presentation during their press conference at E3 2015

Let’s take a look on what was announced from their show (warning: incoming stream of video links)

The return of the Last Guardian

Gameplay footage and reveal of a newest franchise; Horizon: Zero Dawn from Guerilla Games

New character roster for Street Fighter V; Cammy and Birdie

New gameplay footage for No Man’s Sky

Firewatch for the PlayStation 4

Dreams for the PlayStation 4

RIGS for the PlayStation 4

The Taken King; the newest expansion for Destiny (September release)

The World of Final Fantasy world premiere

The reveal for the Final Fantasy VII remake

Revolver Games line up

Shenmue 3 announced with a Kickstarter campaign

Project Morphues, PlayStation Music and PlayStation Vue info

Batman Arkham Knight exclusive Scarecrow missions

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 co-op feature

Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars content

Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage

Uncharted 4 gameplay footage

Looks like Sony made much of an impact with their game line-ups, but E3 isn’t over yet and we still have Nintendo left for their press conference later

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