Toycon 2015 Battle Arena Booth Report

Written by Chad

June 23, 2015

toycon 2015 day 2 (18 of 19)

As the years go by, we just keep getting bigger and better

The Reimaru Files team had another awesome moment at Toycon along with our long time partners 99.5 PlayFM, and we brought more friends along. This year we tagged two of the well-known gaming communities; PinoyPS the longest running PlayStation community and gaming lounge Rumpus Room (which also handles the Smash Philippines community) to help us out in providing a great gaming experience to the Toycon attendees for three whole days.

toycon 2015 day 1 (4 of 27)

On Day 1 we hosted a Retro Friday activity where we showcased some of the classic gaming consoles for con-goers to relive their childhood moments. We had the Nintendo Gamecube, Super Nintendo, the Sega Dreamcast and the PlayStation 2, the con-goers had a great time, even kids had a chance to play these classic games and they still love it, it just shows that game regardless on when they were created, they are still fun to play regardless of age. We also showcased some of the latest game trailers that were revealed at the recently concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo.

toycon 2015 day 3 part 2 (79 of 88)

toycon 2015 day 2 (17 of 19)


On the following day, we hosted our first tournament which we dubbed as Fatality Saturday, and yep you guessed it right; it’s a Mortal Kombat X tournament. Everyone was hyped at the tournament especially on our gaming sessions of the current gen consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U, some cosplayers even joined the craze. One of the friends of PinoyPS; D-Tier provided a livestream service at the booth. The winner of the tournament brings home an overnight stay for night at the Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay and a year subscription for iFlix.

toycon 2015 day 3 part 2 (70 of 88)

toycon 2015 day 3 part 2 (86 of 88)

And for our last day at Toycon 2015, we hosted the Mecha Sunday where we had a tournament for Gundam Extreme Vs Full Boost for the second year and as usual, it’s also a crowd favorite. Of course what’s a Gundam tournament without Gunplas as prizes? The champion nabs the sought after SD Neo Zeong model kit while the runner up gets the SD Nu Gundam model kit. Another awesome moment is that some of the cool DJs from 99.5 PlayFM made an appearance at the booth to hang out with the other gamers.

toycon 2015 day 2 (2 of 19)

It was a blast, another successful event at Toycon, hundreds of con-goers visited our booth in each day, interacting with us and having a great time playing video games whether they are an adult or kids, hardcore gamers or cosplayers. We have been doing this since 2012 along with our friends at Back2Gaming and each year, it gets bigger and better. We’d like to thank our friends from PinoyPS, Rumpus Room, Back2Gaming and 99.5 PlayFM for the support in making Battle Arena happen once again and we all look forward for another Battle Arena next year. And thank you to everyone who had a great time visiting and playing at our booth.

Until next year…


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