Philippines to be the next target for Ubisoft studio

The multinational game developer sets its eyes on the Pinoy developer.



We may just be having an Assassin’s Creed set on colonial era Philippines as Ubisoft, the name behind big franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Farcry is already looking to setup a studio here in Philippine shores. Andro Baluyot of the Game Development Association of the Philippines stated in an interview with local news portal InterAksyon that Ubisoft is “actively exploring opportunities in the Philippines” and is also looking to achieve something here in the country within this year. The news is undoubtedly great for the local game design and development community as this means that the Philippines is now starting to be recognized by international gaming companies.

In addition to attracting both local and foreign developers from our neighboring SEA countries, the Ubisoft deal, should it push through, will hopefully attract more and more people into video game development, and help support the budding game dev industry here in the Philippines.

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