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June 24, 2015

This hack ’n’ slash game with immersive entertaining contents is ‘Game by the players, for the players’. Within this one particular game, each player can experience completely different gameplay by doing or selecting their ways differently.

The first thing players have to do is selecting their own character class from three totally different unique classes: Warrior, Archer and Sorceress.

According to which character you choose, the game will be differentiated completely But I’m sure that you will end up with raising all of the three classes

According to which character you choose, the game will be differentiated completely
But I’m sure that you will end up with raising all of the three classes

As you have noticed from the intro movie you’ve seen just after installing the game, the adventure of Guardian Hunter starts from the Kelthos empire located in Bellian continent. Known for its tyrannical rule, the Kelthos empire collapsed following the “Liberation War” started by allied power. The story could be ended by ‘it brought peace and they lived happily ever after’ but unfortunately William, the former king and the last royal family of the Kelthos empire, tries to take back the country by getting Demon’s help.

Demon’s power turns monsters violent and it is your role to overpower the monsters and train or tame them to become guardians who protect the Bellian continent again.


Based on this story, you can enjoy various thrilling and exciting RPG contents. Let’s take a close look at the contents in detail.

Main Contents

Stage and Dungeon

The basic contents of this game are having battles in Bellia, the continent that was thrown into turmoil due to William. You will complete game stages one by one with your guardian colleagues and those monsters you captured during the battles will become your guardians which can be fostered further or used as materials for guardian enhancement. Probably the battles in Stage and Dungeon will be the contents that you will enjoy and play the most.

Stage and Dungeon are the basic contents but players should not pass over these as these are the best place to obtain crucial guardians. For example, ‘Premium Dungeon’ is the only place where players can obtain important guardians such as Zombies, Flame Dragon and Barlog. Especially, Zombies give tremendous amount of experience points when they are used for other guardians’ enhancement materials.

I recommend you to go over Stage and Dungeon at least few times a day


It’s Zombie! Zombies are coming! Come and catch them!!

Boss Raid

I can say this is ‘the flower of Guardian Hunter’. Pattern of boss, the style of combat, and the strategic point are well organized, making players as if they are playing popular PC games. When you succeed to win boss raid, you can obtain Rune, an item essential for enhancing guardians.

Dignity of Rakshasa Hellsword

Dignity of Rakshasa Hellsword


Dramatic moments when you encounters Tyrant Tarask

Guardian Arena

Arena is the most highlighted contents of Guardian Hunter.

This is competitive contents where players, who fostered their guardians to some stages, can have battles with each other. You can start a battle in Guardia Arena by placing 5 guardians to participate in a battle and those players who have similar levels as you will be matched automatically for the battle. Complexity made by these guardians makes unique ecosystem. Every player can dream of becoming the top guardian, but it will be hard for them to become one in reality.


Make your own guardian combination, and skill combos


’Lily’, the main character of Healer deck, is here. The battle seems to get much longer

Here, you need to survive as long as possible by defeating monsters who rush in to you endlessly. The Infinite Dungeon is intense competitive contents that give chance to players, who are confident with their game control, boast their ability. You can accompany with two guardians and as it is important to survive as many rounds as possible while maintaining combo, it will be get easier for you if your guardians possess abilities focus on attack and heal.

Lethal attack through the enemy!

Lethal attack through the enemy!

Desperate struggle for survival

Desperate struggle for survival

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