Behold, the SNES PlayStation Prototype

Written by Chad

July 3, 2015


This could be one of the rarest finds for a prototype console, and it was found in a heap of junk.

Before Sony launched the PlayStation in the mid 90’s, they almost made a deal with Nintendo to launch a special add-on CD drive to the Super Nintendo which would be dubbed as, you guessed it; the PlayStation. But things went sour when Nintendo decided to strike a deal with Philips to release the ill-fated CD-i, while Sony decided to continue the development on their own, and the rest was history.


Now 25 years later, many are still wondering if there was a prototype for the SNES PlayStation that actually exist, and out of nowhere, images of the said console had surfaced.

At the Assembler Games forum, user Dnldbld claimed that he owns those photos there were upload at the reddit page. The story goes that his father once worked with a co-worker named Olaf; who used to work for Nintendo. As their company went bankrupt, his father found the console in a box full of junk that was supposed to be disposed. Some have speculated that this Olaf fellow was actually Ólafur Jóhann Ólafsson; the co-founder and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment during that time.

It is still unsure if the prototype still works, as there are no available demo games to test it. The cartridge slot does not seem to work with any SNES cartridges as some of the forum users at Assember Games stated that it is supposed to be a System BIOS or a memory card for the unit, some even managed to dig up the product manual that was meant for the developers.

You can check some of the photos of the SNES PlayStation prototype below and including the promotional photo of the said prototype

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