GB Play talks about their FPS title CrossFire and its upcoming successor CrossFire 2.0

Written by Louis

July 15, 2015

One of the Philippines’ long running MMO Publisher discusses their present and future FPS titles.


Just last week GB Play Inc., otherwise known as Gameclub, held a press conference in regards to the upcoming CrossFire Stars 2015 and the release of the upcoming game CrossFire 2.0 here in the Philippines. CrossFire, or CF, has been one of the long-running MMOFPS here in the Philippines, with over 24 million gamers nationwide, and has managed to grow big in terms of professional competition, but how does the game really appeal to people? Reimaru gets a hold of CrossFire’s product manager Mr. Rene Parada  as he discusses more about CrossFire and its upcoming successor CrossFire 2.0.

Reimaru:  CrossFire is now being recognized as one of the longest running MMOFPS in the country, and one of the most recognized, what factor do you think CF has that has contributed to this achievement?

Rene: Crossfire being played globally in 11 regions and almost 80 countries adds to the popularity of the game. As our local gaming community now clamor for not just local popularity but also global acceptance, it is certainly an advantage that Crossfire has been recognized outside the Philippines. Gameclub as an online gaming portal has assisted greatly in growing the reach of the game, especially to strong gaming community areas in the Visayas, Central and South Luzon, and major parts of Mindanao.

Reimaru: What “edge” does CrossFire have among its competition or among other MMOFPS titles in the country?

Rene: It is easy to play and get into the non-stop action the game brings. It runs on almost any desktop PC or laptop as other other games despite the graphic quality it showcases. And most of all, its FREE.

A screenshot of the in-game action.

A screenshot of the in-game action.

Reimaru: Talking about Electronic Sports, CrossFire is achieving global status and even have its own stand-alone big events in countries like China, would you think that the same would happen in the Philippines?

Rene: We are already planting seeds for this to happen this year through our partnerships with 3 ESports organizations as well as conducting our own Crossfire Stars 2015 National Tournament. Moving forward, we have plans to intensify the competition format as well as extend our reach to other areas with lots of Crossfire fanatics. Hopefully, with the support of Smilegate, the game developer of Crossfire, and our partner sponsors, bigger events and tournaments will be a reality next year.

Reimaru: et’s talk about CrossFire 2.0, what “new” stuff can players expect should the game hit Philippine shores?

Rene: Crossfire 2.0 elevates the game to newer heights. Aside from the UI improvements and graphic enhancements of maps, weapons and characters, we will be introducing a new array of weapon mechanics and character skills. This will certainly appeal to hardcore FPS gamers who are waiting for such big changes in the FPS scene.

A sample comparison of the Graphic Enhancement featuring one of the game's popular maps.

A sample comparison of the Graphic Enhancement featuring one of the game’s popular maps.

Reimaru: One of the things player look forward to in FPS games is the variety of game modes, what new game modes would be available in CF 2.0?

Rene: One of the future game modes that we will introduce is the Spy Mode, where one player will be assigned to the opposing team as a Spy, adding more surprises to current team battles. Upon launch though, we will be releasing the Rank Match System, where you will be pitied with players of the same skill and move your way up the Medal rankings to be grouped with the best of the best. This will be a true test of skill and aim, and is one of the most awaited game system additions to Crossfire.

Reimaru:  People saying that the main appeal of CrossFire is that it runs even on low-tier PCs, is there a possibility that this would be the same with CF 2.0, what minimum specifications does an MMOFPS gamer would need to have in order to enjoy the game?

Rene: Crossfire 2.0 will still be as light as its predecessor. The UI improvements and graphic enhancements is there to cater to those who would like a more realistic Crossfire experience. In each game, you can manually toggle the graphic settings of the 2.0 maps will be playing in, allowing any PC, whether low-tier or high-specced, to run the game smoothly. Smilegate made a good strategy of just adding the improvements and allowing the user to control the quality of the gaming experience.

Reimaru: Do you think that CrossFire 2.0 will have the same succcess as its predecessor title CrossFire?

Rene: Crossfire 2.0 is certainly going to have the same level of success as its previous version, if not surpass it. Not only does it have a new look and added missions, the new character and weapon meta will definitely provide more of the same non-stop action that Pinoy gamers loved about the game.

CrossFire 2.0 will hit the Philippines this coming August 25, 2015, a teaser website is now setup by GB Play Inc. for fans to subscribe to for future updates, players can visit the website here: link

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