Playism announces In Space We Brawl is now available


PLAYISM is excited to announce that In Space We Brawl is out now for only $8.99.

Pick a spaceship, mount a special weapon and challenge your friends and their vessels in frantic local multiplayer mayhem! With over 150 different combinations of parts, how will you destroy your enemies? A fast ship with a flamethrower or a slow but heavy armored one, equipped with a rocket launcher? The choice is yours!


The main focus of In Space We Brawl is on customization, as each player can pick a spaceship and a weapon in order to create a specific vessel. There are more that 150 different combinations!
A fast but fragile ship equipped with a plasma sword can try to beat a slow but heavy armored rival that shoots homing missiles.
With so many combinations every match is different, that’s why we thought about what we call “Street Play-testing”: we took a laptop and four controllers to town squares and hangout places, gathering a lot of feedback and fine tuning all the different aspects of the game.

All users that purchase In Space We Brawl on Playism will receive a free Steam key once the game is released on Steam!

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