EVO 2015 Results and Best Moments

Written by Chad

July 23, 2015


The world’s biggest Fighting Game tournament has concluded and here are the results and some of the memorable moments.

EVO 2015 has ended with more emotions bursting, contenders prematurely celebrating and joysticks breaking. Yes, that’s how competitive gaming should be, so let’s not delay with more drama as here are the list of the winners from each major tournaments (data source from shoryuken.com):

Ultra Street Fighter IV
1. EG|Momochi (Ken, Evil Ryu, Elena)
2. AVM|GamerBee (Elena, Adon)
3. INFILTRATION (Evil Ryu, Chun-Li, Abel, Juri)
4. BE|NEMO (Rolento)
5. r/Kappa|aiai (Juri)
5. MCZ|TOKIDO (Akuma)
7. EG|PR Balrog (Balrog)
7. Liquid|NuckleDu (Guile, Decapre)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
1. BE|Kane Blueriver (Hulk/Sentinel/Haggar)
2. CTRL|RayRay (Magneto/Doctor Doom Sentinel)
3. ApologyMan (Firebrand/Doctor Doom/Super-Skrull)
4. TA.Tier3|Frutsy (M.O.D.O.K./Captain America/Doctor Doom)
5. YKWIS|GoldenBoyNeo (Magneto/Doctor Dom/Phoenix)
5. TMP|Cross (Zero/Doctor Strange/Dante)
7. SF.T3|Dizzy (Zero/Doctor Doom/Vergil)
7. RF (Morrigan/Doctor Doom/Vergil)

Super Smash Bros. Melee
1. [A]|Armada (Fox, Peach)
2. Liquid|Hungrybox (Jigglypuff)
3. EG|PPMD (Marth, Falco)
4. PG|Plup (Sheik, Samus)
5. TSM|Leffen (Fox)
5. C9|Mang0 (Fox, Falco)
7. Tempo|Axe (Pikachu)
7. MH|ChuDat (Ice Climbers)

Mortal Kombat X
1. cR|SonicFox (Outlaw Erron Black, Royal Storm Kitana)
2. AF0xyGrampa (Tempest Kung Lao)
3. cR|HoneyBee (Swam Queen D’Vorah)
4. YOMI|MIT (Kobu Jutsu Tanya, Covert Ops Sonya Blade)
5. PND|Ketchup (Sorcerer Quan Chi)
5. YOMI|DJT (Tempest Kung Lao)
7. JLA|Milky Situation (Noxious Reptile)
7. YOMI|Zyphox (Flame Fist Liu Kang)

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-
1. Ogawa Zato (Zato-1)
2. ODG|Nage (Faust)
3. Woshige (Millia Rage)
4. Nakamura (Millia Rage)
5. Dogura (Sin Kiske)
5. Rion (Ky Kiske)
7. Mr. KitKat (Syuuto) (Axl Low)
7. Zidane (Leo Whitefang)

Killer Instinct
1. Rico Suave (Fulgore, Thunder, Glacius, Omen, Spinal)
2. GutterMagic (Thunder)
3. Sleep NS (Kan-Ra)
4. LCD (Maya, Orchid, Hisako)
5. Domi (Cinder)
5. UA|mygod (Sabrewulf)
7. UA|Bass (Spinal)
7. The Maciaga 5 (Sadira)

Tekken 7
1. orz|Nobi (Dragunov)
2. BE|Ao (Alisa)
3. NJF|Saint (Shaheen)
4. NJF|JDCR (Heihachi)
5. Take. (Bryan)
5. Pekos (King)
7. orz|Yuu (Feng)
7. Mr. NAPS (Bryan)

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
1. ZeRo (Sheik, Diddy Kong)
2. LLL|Mr R (Sheik)
3. Nairo (Zero Suit Samus)
4. ASA|Abadango (Sheik)
5. Boreal_Ally (Mario, Marth)
5. IQHQ|Dabuz (Rosalina & Luma, Olimar)
7. PG|Esam (Pikachu)
7. GW|Fow (Ness)

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
1. KSB|Superboy (Chou) (Ken Amada)
2. NiceBurst|Tahichi (Margaret)
3. Hagiwara (Teddie)
4. Aguro (Yu Narukami)
5. NiceBurst|Souji (Teddie)
5. Koichi (Aigis)
7. JEO (Shadow-Mitsuru Kirijo)
7. NiceBurst|Okusan (Sho, Minazuki)


Now for the best moments in EVO, Fighting game hype man Maximillian listed his five most hyped matches which includes the now famous early celebration of Woshige in Guilty Gear Xrd (not X), the intense match of Gamerbee and Infiltrator in the loser’s finals of Ultra Street Fighter IV, the journey of Kane Blueriver in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 in becoming the first non-American champion and so on.

But there’s also another epic (or rather the not-so-epic) moment that should not be missed, is when Momochi’s fighting stick malfunctioned during the grand finals of Ultra Street Fighter IV, pitting against Gamerbee. It was a very close match, both fighters are tied and in the final match, out of nowhere, Momochi’s Razer Atrox fighting stick just died. Under regulations, in case of an intentional or accidental pause of the game, the win will be awarded to the opposing player, but Gamerbee being a good sport, decided to only take the round instead of the match, unfortunately even with a kind approach, Gamerbee lost to Momochi after he received his replacement joystick provided by Mad Catz. You can check the whole incident on the video below (malfunction starts at 1:47)

Yes, this is how epic EVO is, and we are looking forward to another hype match next year

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