Line Dragonica Mobile – First Impressions

Written by Louis

July 26, 2015

We spent time whacking wooden stumps and shrooms in this Android Online RPG, and here’s what we have to say about Line Dragonica Mobile.


Just a few days ago, PlayPark launched Line  Dragonica Mobile to SEA, the Mobile Port  to what was then MMORPG hit Dragonica, and so far, from the numerous Android Online RPGs that we got our hands on, this might just be the closest to the classic MMORPG that we have enjoyed on the PC.

Ported from an MMORPG, Line Dragonica Mobile showcased a ton of features from the genre into the mobile counterpart, from both the good and bad, although the negative sides are really minimal. As the name suggests, Line Dragonica Mobile requires support from LINE, a social app by Line Corp, for account creation, afterwards, you would also need to create another account for PlayPark, or simply link your Facebook account to create your in-game account. Staying true to its MMORPG counterpart, players will be required to quickly login each time they open up the game, which can be a bit of a hassle to players who are much more used to the common “tap-to-start” feature of most Android  RPGs.

Line Dragonica Mobile features 6 different starting characters, each with their own unique attributes and playstyles, from magic cheesing Warlocks and Wizards, sneaky Thiefs and Assasins, to plain dash-and-brawl Knights and Gladiators.

Line Dragonica Mobile features your Dungeon Crawl side-scrolling gameplay, with tap-to-action controls, and a “buddy system” to ease your daily grinding. A fatigue system is implemented, which means that players wouldn’t be able to go addict mode for rushing levels.


Boss Raids are also available once you grab enough levels in-game, as well as a dungeon progression system, which means that more dungeons or PVE areas would be made available the higher your level goes.Screenshot_2015-07-23-18-54-12

But one of the biggest things Line Dragonica Mobile has that really reflects your classic MMO is the introduction of Towns or Neutral areas, complete with NPCs and even your fellow players your current channel. This feature though takes a toll on the game as it can get really slow on some Android devices (just like mine), especially on really crowded channels.


Questlines are not yet present in the game, but players are given numerous daily and weekly tasks that yield good rewards once finished, a PVP system is also implemented which means that you get to challenge your friends to test your strength, this promotes diversity into the game, as you can play it casually or go hardcore mode crafting the best type of gear to become the strongest player.

While it has its downsides, from account creation to possible lags in crowded channels, Line Dragonica Mobile has a lot of positive features, like being easy to learn, great visuals, and highly rewarding gameplay, it is definitely a must-grab for those who grew up and enjoyed the classic PC MMORPG.

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