Dragon Quest XI coming to PS4 and multiple Nintendo Platforms

Squeenix’s next title on the Dragon Quest franchise is set to release for multiple platforms.


Square Enix reveals what’s next in line for the Dragon Quest franchise Dragon Quest XI and is set to become a multiplatform title set to release on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS. In addition to the PS4 and 3DS release, Square Enix also states that the game will arrive in Nintendo’s new home entertainment project, the Nintendo NX. Dragon Quest XI is the first game to be revealed for the NX, which is Nintendo’s nearly-super-secret-project, that they refuse to discuss until next year.

Dragon Quest XI will feature a stand-alone single player gameplay, with same story elements for the PS4 and 3DS releases, the game title is now under developent and is slated for release next year.

Here’s a video showing the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI

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