Samsung SSD T1 Media Launch

Written by Chad

July 29, 2015

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Samsung unveils their newest external drive in a form of an SSD.

Held at the Milkyway Cafe in Makati, Samsung along with brand distributor EA Global, invited the media to witness the launch of the newest portable SSD; the Samsung SSD T1.

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The SSD T1 aims to provide hi-speed performance of having 3-4 times faster reading and writing speed and cutting edge security with its AES 256 bit encryption. To convince you on how fast the portable drive is, there was a live demo conducted during the press event along with a conventional external hard drive, both running on a Crystal Benchmark application, the SSD T1 has large lead in terms of reading and writing speed.

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Samsung has explained that the SSD T1 is targeted towards consumers who needs a fast performance drive for their everyday use when they are on the go, especially to media people and videographers. You can check out Back2Gaming’s initial review on the SSD T1 to find out more.

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The portable SSD will feature a 250GB, 500GB and 1T variant, the 250 GB version is priced at PhP 9,999 while the rest will be revealed soon

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