Plextor Releases New Features Enhancing SSD

Written by Chad

August 5, 2015

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Plextor, a leading developer of digital storage technology, will launch exclusive new software solutions, PlexVault (data security technology), PlexCompressor (intelligent compression technology) and the third generation of their intelligent caching technology, PlexTurbo. All three products were first showcased at Computex 2015, garnering significant media attention and praise. These new solutions are expected to be available in August 2015.


By creating user-defined hotkeys, users can have more privacy and full control of their local drives. Once PlexVault is activated, the hidden data cannot be found by device manager, file explorer, or even disk management utilities. In addition to hotkeys, PlexVault also provides password protection as a second security feature. Users can store and hide personal data securely with PlexVault technology, even on a shared computer, as long as the computer is equipped with a Plextor SSD.



This technology is expected to become a big hit with the general public. The perfect balance between price, performance, and capacity has been sough by gamers as the storage capacities of SSDs are directly linked to prices. With the new PlexCompressor intelligent compression software, gamers can extract more storage space out of their existing SSDs. Once activated, this technology increases SSD capacity in the background by automatically compressing unused files. The compression and decompression of data is completed without adversely affecting user experience and performance.


PlexTurbo 3.0

The third generation of Plexturbo has three new features, including ‘Pre-Load’, ‘Cache Sharing’, and ‘User Defined Cache’ in addition to the features found in previous generations.



After the computer turns on, PlexTurbo begins tracking the data used, and automatically pre-loads the process files executed prior to the last shutdown during the next boot-up. This process greatly decreases the time needed to read the data and saves the user a long wait for programs to execute.


Cache Sharing

PlexTurbo can now support multiple volumes simultaneously no matter how many Plextor SSDs are running at the same time and regardless of whether they are connected via PCIe or SATA interface. PlexTurbo’s “automatic load balancing” can also speed up SSD processing and extends the life-cycles for all Plextor SSDs. (Maximum cache capacity 16 GB)


User Defined Cache

The third-generation of PlexTurbo allows users to configure the cache capacity and cache clearing time, greatly increasing user convenience. (Configurable cache capacity: 1/4-1/2 of system memory, maximum 16 GB; configurable cache clearing time: 1 min-4hrs)

Visit for additional information and compatibility requirements.

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