University of the Philippines organizes Intercollegiate Hackathon

Are you ready to #HackUP?


Hackathon’s may not be very common in the Philippines but the budding Computer Programming & Development industry calls for it and Universiy of the Philippines’ Center for Student Innovations calls the country’s Dev talents in the Hack UP 2015. Set to be an intercollegiate event, UP’s codefest plans to invite undergrads from the different insitutions and universities in the Philippines as they out-code and collaborate with each other in a 2-day festival celebrating young computer programming talent.

Intriguing as it may sound to most who are not familiar, hackathons such as this one focuses on the positive meaning of hacking in computer programming which roughly means  the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming and circumventing limitations of programming systems, in a hackathon, programmers gather, collaborate and even compete with each other mostly through formulating codes and structures for applications and systems on a limited amount of time.

Hack UP 2015 will commence this coming September 26-27, 2015 in the GT Toyota Asian Center, University of Philippines Diliman Campus. Interested participants can now register themselves by visiting the Hack UP 2015 registration webpage.


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