Digital Deals: Humble Bundle Bandai Namco Edition


It’s Bandai Namco Entertainment’s turn to release their Humble Bundle in this episode of Digital Deals.

bandai namco

Yep, that’s right, Bandai Namco Entertainment is having their Humble Bundle Edition, get the chance to purchase $109 worth of digital games.

Pay what you want from the great titles from Bandai Namco, at and average of $1, you can download PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition DX+ All You Can Eat Edition Bundle, Platformines and DeadCore. Pay an average of $7 and you can the three games plus Ridge Racer™ Unbounded Bundle, ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition, Ace Combat Assault Horizon – Enhanced Edition and more games to be announced soon. And finally pay at least $10 and you will also get Dark Souls™: Prepare To Die™ Edition.

You can adjust the amount of money to allocated for the Save the Children charity fund

You can visit the Humble Bundle site, for more details

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