Guardian Stone has finally soft launched

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August 7, 2015


TOAST, the publishing branch of NHN Entertainment, has created a global pre-registration event for all players.  We are ecstatic to announce the Soft Launch of Guardian Stone! Journey through an amazing adventure through dense monster-filled forests, across vast glacial mountains, and around the heart of a dying volcano. Summon over 100 unique Guardians and team up with your friends to overcome challenging obstacles!  The game is currently live in Canada, Australia, Singapore, Denmark, Netherlands, Malaysia, Philippines, and Brazil!

All other countries can sign up for the pre-registration event in anticipation for the release!

Guardian Stone, developed by Delusion Studios and published by TOAST, is constantly evolving!  Just like our empowered Guardians, we’ve been adding new powers, features, and brand new visual to the game.  With these new features, Guardian Stone is positioning itself to be the #1 mobile RPG in the world!

  • Improved Evolution and Fusion System – Now players can evolve their main Guardians without pressure to evolve every Guardian.  Choose your Guardians and choose your playstyle!
  • New Content & Even More Improvements – The League PVP has been revamped! Take on the challenge against multitudes of Heroes, advance through the ranks, and get crowned as an Arena Champion.  Use your prowess in the PVP Arena! Also, improved UI changes that makes the game more fun and exciting!
  • Guardian Fellowship – Improve your resource and essence gathering system by putting your bench Guardians to work protecting the world while your Main team is out adventuring!
  • More Guardian Powers – No Guardian is alike, and we’ve ensured that by providing more Guardians and more powers as they evolve and level up!
  • Titanic Challenge in the Clouds – High up in the clouds, there are three titanic brothers and colossal sisters waiting for Heroes to battle.  Pit your greatest team against them for tremendous rewards!



Key Facts

  • Title: Guardian Stone
  • Genre: RPG, Adventure
  • OS (Soft Launch Release Date): Android, iOS (July 29th, 2015)
  • Pricing: Free (In-App Purchase)
  • Audience: RPG Fantasy Adventure Fans!
  • Developer: Delusion Studios
  • Publisher: TOAST


Key Features

  • Beautiful 3D Graphics – Nominated for a Unity Award!
  • Simple Controls – direct your Heroes and Guardians with a single tap!
  • Who is your hero? – Choose from three distinct Heroes: the Ranger, the Warrior, and the Mage
  • Fight for glory! – Summon powerful Guardians to join you in battle against dragons, demons, and more! Or compete for runes, gold, and prestige in the PVP Arena.
  • Huge Storyline – Play through the epic adventure from raggedy commoner to glorious hero!
  • Endless Upgrading – Craft new weapons and armor from your fallen enemies!


For more information about ‘Guardian Stone’ and TOAST, please visit its official website. (Pre-registration Sign-Up Form) (Facebook) (Twitter) (TOAST Website, publishing brand of NHN Ent)

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